To The Reader

The purpose for publishing this booklet is to let
 everyone know that this Farmer's Association
Membership is available to every Finnish farmer
and farm worker as well as anyone who would
like to become one.
The best and most cost effective way to reach
everyone is by distributing this booklet.
A well known fact is that even when times are
good most workers would prefer to have
freedom and be their own boss, instead of
working for someone else.
Especially when
times are as tough as they are right now.
Farming and living off the land is a great
option to many to provide  income and
security to their families. It is part of human
nature to strive for better things.
Many people from Finland are choosing to
be farmers. The conclusion is that together
we are stronger. It became important to
unite and form this Farmers association.

The climate is more favorable for farming
here in the south than it was in the north.
Here in South we have overcome many
difficulties we encountered up north.
It would be easier to get members to
join our association in the states up
North than in the South since there
is a misconception about Negroes
being the only workers in the South.
We believe we are going to get enough members
to join us so that we can buy needed equipment
with collected money from the members
instead of taking loans from the bank with high
Everyone who is writing in this booklet
is member of our association and the writings
are not done by professional writers. No one
was paid for writing in this booklet and our
members are just trying to share their ideas
with others. Also, we wanted everyone to have
an opportunity to share their experiences of
living and farming in the South.
We believe workers do know that the information
in this booklet is legitimate. We have been here
almost a year already and want everyone who
comes to visit us to know we have been working
hard and are planing to continue doing so in the
Everyone knows we need more financial security
in order plan for the future.  Also, we propose
to work together so that we can be competitive
with larger wealthy farms. Only together can we
 be successful and defend our rights.
We cannot wait and do nothing. We need to unite
and make decisions together.
The purpose for publishing this booklet is to bring
awareness of our association to Finnish farm
workers to excite them about farming
opportunities here in the South.

                                          ALONE AND TOGETHER POEM
                                        In the wilderness in Canada
                                       Tree stump stuck in the ground 
                                       wiping dirt and sweat off of my face
                                       been digging, pulling for hours
                                       no results found.
                                       Slowly by myself plowing the ground
                                       Decades worked already
                                       All alone with my bare hands.
                                       No money to buy machines
                                       All the effort did not bring no silver, no gold .TOGETHER-
                                       Farmers Association farm in the South
                                       Together and united
                                       we work side by side
                                       tree stumps flying out of the ground!
                                      Everyone gave their pennies
                                      of which we got enough
                                      to buy much needed machines.
                                     Working together is great
                                    Time flies and we have fun!
                                    Our crops are growing fast and tall
                                   Together we can enjoy the fruit of our labor
                                   sometime this fall!
                                   Farmer's association in Georgia December 21, 1921
                                      Written by Jacob Moisio
                                  Translated by Marianne Kosonen